About Congress


Dear Scientists,
We would be pleased to invite you to 4th International Creation Congress in the Light of Science held in ‘the City of Foundation and Liberation’ – Kütahya, between 22-24 October.

It is well known that the world of science has been under the influence of materialist philosophy for two centuries. That viewpoint turning faithlessness under the name of science into ideology, science philosophy, and ultimately a lifestyle, leads the whole world into a total dead-end. In this regard, there are some who attribute existence and cases, which have been fixed by observation, experiment and experience within the framework of science, to coincidence and nature – from time to time, by means of the magic of ‘scientific approach’, unquestioned resignation, and with staggering conditioning. However, in the whole area of universe from micro systems to macro worlds, the grace of science and art draws attention even at first glance. Conversely, there are a great number of scientists explaining the world of existence and natural events with the light of multidiscipline and with God’s names and attributions rather than linking them with nature and coincidence.

Current approaches moving on these two tracks in the science world will doubtlessly determine the future of natures. One of the most leading feature that separates one nation from other is their national and moral values. Peoples lost their set of values will either lose their independence or be vanished from the stage of history. When the current condition of humanity is taken into consideration, it is overtly seemed that nations walk rapidly away from those values which keep them on feet. Hence, people come under the influence of detrimental thought movements, and deviations in their manners are observed. One of the most influential ways to stop that going is to grow and prepare new generations as such individuals, who ‘adopt, protect and develop national, moral, humanitarian, and cultural values; always try to aggrandize and love their family, motherland, and people; know their duty and responsibility towards their state and people; are respectful to human rights.

Protecting new generation’s physical and mental health against harmful tendencies is only possible by increasing the consciousness degree. Understanding human nature and purpose of creation with scientific facts, realizing them and bringing this reality to large masses are of great importance in this context. This responsibility belongs primarily to scientists. Among the privileged goals of International Creation Congresses in the Light of Sciences, creating awareness for the current issue in the science environment comes at firsts. It is also among the main objectives of congresses to contribute to thought horizon, to bring scientists and young generations in new perspective by centring creation fact in accordance with scientific data. Moreover, during the creation congresses, evolution issue is evaluated in the scientific platforms, and by so, some important steps are being taken to prevent that view from abusing with ideological thoughts. For that purpose, the first of International Creation Congresses in the Light of Sciences was organised in Harran University in 2017, while the second one took place in Atatürk University in 2018; and the third one was held in Iğdır University in 2019.

4th International Creation Congress in The Light of Sciences hosted by Kütahya Dumlupınar University will be realized with the participation of you Dear Scientists. We will be proud of seeing and welcoming you in Kütahya. Yours faithfully

Professor Doctor Kazım Uysal
Rector of Kütahya Dumlupınar University